Board of Directors

Teddy Atlas The Dr. Theodore A. Atlas Foundation – Founder and Chairman
ESPN Production, Inc. – Color Commentator for Friday Night Fights
NBC – Color Commentator for Boxing Coverage at Olympics
Elaine Atlas
Nicole Atlas Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker, LLC
Teddy Atlas III Oakland Raiders – Scouting Coordinator
David Berlin NYSAC Executive Director
Tom Conway  In Memoriam
Joe Fama Empire Commercial Services LP – Managing Director and President of the General Partner
ECS Management Inc. – President
Giana Gigante SVP Marketing and Acquisition Operations – Red Stone Equity Partners
Howard Katz NFL Films – Chief Operating Officer
National Football League – Senior Vice President Broadcasting & Media Operations
Scott Katz Katz Entertainment – CEO
Paul Quattrocchi Dependable Auto Repair – Owner/Vice President
Pat Russo Chef’s Choice – Owner
Keith Sullivan Sullivan & Galleshaw LLP (Attorney at Law) – Partner
Tom Verrengia Pinnacle Sports Equipment Inc – CEO
Staten Worlds Enterprises – CEO

As I started the Dr. Theodore A. Atlas Foundation seventeen years ago one of the first people there to help me was Tom Conway.

Our foundations main fundraiser and promotional event was and still is the annual Teddy Dinner. Tom was there at the inception, and instrumental in all dimensions of the event and its success. There were many situations over the years both serious and funny. Tom would bring cases to the attention of the foundation that were often of an urgent nature to the families involved. Sometimes it would be for a child’s medical equipment that the insurance company wouldn’t pay for.

Other times it was to pay for a surgery that once again the insurance company would not cover or to transport a child out of state for a treatment that was unavailable in NY. Often Tom would ask if he could personally bring the check to the family rather than have it mailed just so he could tell them that they were not alone and had many people in their corner. Tom was also involved in the development of the foundations various youth programs that allow kids to participate in sports that would not normally be available to them.

The only thing that out numbered the amount of laughs we shared with Tom were the amount of people that were impacted by his help. Tom loved to tell the story of one of the dinners at the Hilton on Staten Island where he was in charge of getting the sixty celebrities into a holding room. As he was trying to get them to line up in alphabetical order he wound up yelling at one of them. A short time later someone asked Tom if he was OK because of the frazzled look on his face. His response was “Yea, I just told Pete Rose to sit the hell down, I’m fine”.

The core mission of the foundation was and always will be to bring immediate relief to people in desperate need with as little red tape as possible, while caring for the preservation of their dignity. Tom was and always will be a part of that commitment.